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THE BENEFITS OF SMALL December 22 2023



To survive the day to day and start paying for a business with no product and therefore no sales, I kept it SMALL.

It was scary and I felt fully exposed. But it was EXHILIRATING. I was ON MY WAY and I had SMALL ORDERS from stores I’d ADMIRED for years. I’d achieved something and life found an EXCITING NEW RHYTHM. The benefits of SMALL proved BIG.

What’s in a name? September 25 2023

The goal; to design and produce fashion accessories that were reflective of my values.  
Quality natural fibres, clean modern styling, flattering tones, superior workmanship, kind on the environment, well priced and wherever possible with a touch of whimsy.  
Smart accessories with purpose, style, longevity.  
Simple objects done exceptionally well.  
Designed, made and coveted by people with good hearts.
A guarantee, a signoff.  From me to you 
love Kate

No. THANK YOU! April 12 2023


Every day we get to serve our loving and loyal love Kate customers.  THANK YOU from the bottom of our HEART.  It's a large part of what we do and we LOVE doing it.  Often we receive feedback which makes the process even more MAGICALl and really WARMS OUR HEART.  We THANK YOU for that and appreciate your kindness (and time) in relaying these heartfelt messages to us.  

A tiny selection of late:


Thanks so much that’s fab news, really appreciate the info and you getting back to me so quickly.  Huge thanks again, have a great week ahead!


Hi Kate!
The postie handed it directly to me on Wednesday morning, it’s fabulous thank you so much!!  Really appreciate your amazing customer service, thank you again :) 

Hi Kate

My hat arrived and I absolutely love it!!  It is perfect, it really suits me and is so easy to adjust. Thank you so very much, I’m thrilled, I’ll get lots of wear out of it.  Thank you I will enjoy wearing it.  Thank you again. 

Kathryn xx

Hi Kate

Gosh I didn't expect a reply that quickly so thank you for getting back to me. 



Thank you so much for your kind and prompt reply!  You’re so lovely, worth a try..

Thanks again 

Bianca x