What’s in a name? September 25 2023



After graduating with a business degree then decades of trend forecasting, managing production and ultimately a position as head of product for international fashion brand Laura Ashley (Australia/New Zealand), new horizons (and calmer waters) beckoned.  

Instead of “working for the man”, I decided to throw my hat in the ring and start something special myself.  

That was almost a decade ago. And love Kate went from a concept to creation; dream to reality.

Why the name love Kate? 

It’s easy to say. Easy to spell. It’s eight letters (lucky, they say!)  

It’s me, heart and soul. From me to you. love Kate.

The goal? To design and produce fashion accessories reflective of my values. That means quality natural fibres, clean modern styling, flattering tones, superior workmanship, kind on the environment, well-priced and, wherever possible, made with a touch of whimsy.  

Smart accessories with purpose, style, longevity. Simple objects done exceptionally well.  

Designed, made and coveted by people with good hearts.

A guarantee, a signoff. From me to you. love Kate.

And yes, I do love love! The romance of it.  The exuberance, the positivity. To love and be loved.

It seemed very fitting. Love. The start. The very beginning of a brand.