love Kate

love Kate is an Internationally inspired accessory brand. Based in Cremorne, Melbourne, Australia and at every chance the Surf Coast. Established in earnest late 2013, with a Business Degree and a career spanning over twenty years in Trend Forecasting, International Product and Production Manager roles; a culmination of commercial, creative and 'can do’.

love Kate accessories are everyday fashion items done a little better. Clever, clean designs, sustainable, natural compositions and expert make and craftsmanship. Accessories that look the part and last the distance. From design to delivery we enjoy spreading the love.

Collections are centred around accessories (Hats, Scarves, Beanies, Gloves and Blankets), designed to create practical and fashionable solutions.   When you feel good you look good and visa versa, it's the cherry on top.

Designs are cross generational, predominately unisex and timeless in appeal.  Utilising superior natural textiles, modern clean styling and flattering tones, love Kate is pitched more 'High end' than the High Street, minus the heavy price point.  Exceptional workmanship by a select group of longstanding, environmentally conscious and socially aware manufacturers, forms a large part of the love Kate ethos and heart.   

A smart Accessory brand?   Here’s how:

love Kate styling is ‘smart’ - elevated; classic colours and designs with a fashionable twist.  Compositions are natural, made to last and on the whole biodegradable.  With these attributes, the cyclical pressure of ‘the latest’ fashion, and copious waste is cleverly overcome.  Timeless design and quality triumphantly presides.  Styles looked after can be worn for years, a positive (and smart) environmental and financial byproduct.

All love Kate HATS undergo rigourous government testing for UPF sun SMART accreditation.  A sun SMART initiative we are proud of.  The love Kate environmental footprint is minimised - walking to work, reuse boxes, turn off lights, no heating or a.c, recycle paper, eating from our garden etc.   Small in terms of world scale but effective and every day.  Adding to this, our supplier base and proud stockists are mindful too, the best in the business.  We’ve raised everyday objects.  Why not invest in something practical, made with integrity, that's beautiful to look at and wear?  Cold?  Wear a biodegrable love Kate PURE MERINO WOOL BEANIE.  Need shelter from the harsh sun?   Wear a love Kate HAT. 

Spoil yourself or someone you adore.   Go on, spread the love.


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