THE BENEFITS OF SMALL December 22 2023


It’s FUNNY how seemingly bad things turn out to be GREAT things and tough times turn to FOND memories. 
On leaving corporate land and a monthly salary and starting love Kate, finances took on new meaning. For the first time in my working life, no money was coming in and lots was going out. I was on my own and there was no one to lighten the load.
Everything that was once covered was now a cost - car, computer, phone, right down to the paper in the printer. 
To survive the day to day and start paying for a business with no product and therefore no sales, I kept it SMALL.
I worked from the local library and for my first love Kate sourcing trip to Hong Kong, two months in, the hotel room was so tiny I had to stow one suitcase in the shower, the other beside me on my single bed. The width of the room was that of my arms outstretched.  A far cry from my BIG, SWANKY digs afforded in corporate life.  
But it was NEW and FUN.  It was motivating.
I didn’t have a business card, I didn’t have a work email address, and I didn’t quite know what the product would be.
My first exhibit was two months later, four months in, and the stand was 1 x 2 metres. I stood for four days straight as a chair would have taken up too much space. 
My first deliveries of stock were stored beside my parents parked cars in their garage. It was scary and I felt fully exposed. But it was EXHILIRATING. I was ON MY WAY and I had SMALL ORDERS from stores I’d ADMIRED for years.
I’d achieved something and life found an EXCITING NEW RHYTHM.
The benefits of SMALL proved BIG.