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Duane Hunter 100% Pure Cashmere 'Ears' Beanie, Jett Black

Duane Hunter 100% Pure Cashmere 'Ears' Beanie, Jett Black

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Duane Hunter 100% Pure Cashmere 'Ears' Beanie, Jett Black

100% Pure Cashmere 'Ears' Beanie

Super soft and surprisingly light, natural luxe handle and wonderfully warm.  A stylish, modern classic, perfect for those seeking an adventure.  A blast in a convertible, a spot of boating, an invigorating hike, time in the garden or an aid to keep a bad hair day at bay.  Perfect for all genders.  Treated well, the Duane Hunter 100% Pure Cashmere 'Ears' Beanie will delight for years.

25cm height, including 'ears'

25cm wide on the half

1cm rib feature, overall

3cm rib feature, hemline

Available in the flattering hues donkey brown and jett black 

The only cashmere supplier love Kate has been blessed to work with and visit, fully supports the Good Cashmere Standard (GCS).  An independent standard for sustainable cashmere, developed by the Aid by Trade Foundation (AbTF), that aims to improve the welfare of cashmere goats, the lives of farmers and farming communities, and the environment in which they live.

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