Unraveling the fibre of luxurious love Kate Pure Cashmere - part two June 30 2023

Unraveling the fibre of luxurious love Kate Pure Cashmere - part two

love Kate Pure Cashmere is produced using some of the highest-quality cashmere from goats that live in the snowy plains of Inner Mongolia (we've been there)!  In Winter months, when it gets bitterly cold (brrr) the goats grow an ultra fine, downy fleece underneath their outer coat for insulation.  As the seasons rhythmically turn and the temperatures rise, the goats naturally start to shed.  This underfleece is gently hand combed out by experienced herders with the upmost care and graded, processed, dyed, spun and knitted into love Kate Pure Cashmere styles.  It's an amazing, cyclical process.   A life changing one we've witnessed first hand and part of the reason we DO WHAT WE DO at love Kate and LOVE IT.   
The durability of cashmere ensures love Kate Pure Cashmere styles treated well, can be cherished for years.
The sole cashmere supplier love Kate is blessed to work with and visit, fully supports the Good Cashmere Standard (GCS).  An independent sustainable cashmere standard developed by the Aid by Trade Foundation (AbTF).   Aimed to improve the welfare of cashmere goats, lives of farmers and farming communities, and environments they reside.
The Good Cashmere Standard was created to improve the welfare of cashmere goats with respect to the Five Freedoms as well as the economic, social and ecological conditions experienced by cashmere farmers, their families and communities in Inner Mongolia. The standard specifies a clear and comprehensive set of criteria for a sustainable cashmere production.  Regular checks are performed by independent auditors in order to monitor compliance with these criteria.
Cashmere from its luxurious touch to its natural insulation and versatility, this exceptional fibre embodies the epitome of the
love Kate ethos. 
Investing in love Kate Pure Cashmere styles is not only nod to opulence but also an investment in sustainable fashion. 
Rightly, it feels so GOOD.