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Three Way Rabbit Fur Knit Angle Lapel Gilet/ Vest - Jett Black


Generous and oversized, One Size, Three Way Jett Black Rabbit Fur Knit Angle Lapel GILET/ VEST, basically fits all.   

With a flattering wide collar and lapel that frames the face, a V Neck Front and the ability to wear it three ways, it's versatile and flattering to boot.  A body length of 58cm flat, but falling a multitude of ways depending on fastening, it hides a multitude of sins, (sins, what sins???).   Two hidden hook and eye fasteners, wear if fastened either way, or left nonchalant and loose.  

So light it punches well above its weight.  Perfect for travel, across the back of a chair, casually thrown in your bag or better still ON.  So luxe, crazy soft, timeless.  I want...please.

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